Mountain View Farmers’ Market

Location: Mountain View Caltrain Station | Hours: Sunday 9am-1pm, year round

One of my favorite Silicon Valley farmer’s markets filled with colorful produce, baked goods, ethnic foods, flowers, and live music. My all time favorite find here is the cold and hot smoked salmon. Not only is it a great deal, but the salmon here is by far the best I have tasted. Cuts through like butter, smooth, and not overly fishy or salty. What’s better is there are many flavor varieties you can mix and match with for a good deal (2 for $24)–plain, peppered, garlic (my favorite!), and more.

While there are no food trucks here, you will surely be satisfied with the diverse options available and welcoming atmosphere of the farmers and community who come together each week to deliver the freshest seasonal varieties.

Recipe roundup- Lox Breakfast Waffle Sandwich


From the market: Plain Smoked Lox, Spicy Sprouts, Organic Baby Spinach

2 Van’s 8 whole grains multigrain waffles

Trader Joe’s edamame


Toast waffles in toaster. Boil frozen edamame, drain, and sprinkle with salt. Assemble waffle sandwich by laying down greens first, followed by lox. Top with sprouts. Add additional toppings/replace for different greens to your liking. Dig in!

Visit this market:

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