Downtown Los Gatos Farmers’ Market

Location: Town Park Plaza | Hours: Sunday 8am-1pm, year round


A nice mid-sized weekend farmers’ market with around 25 vendors catering mostly to community members around Los Gatos. It’s a great place to get some fruits and veggies, hummus to go along with some bread, flowers, and even beer! Located right in Downtown makes it convenient to grab your produce in the morning, then head over to Blvd Coffee right down the street (if you need your coffee like me). There are plenty of shops in the area to keep you occupied as you explore the Downtown area too.


Market highlights:

2nd Story Bakeshop located in San Jose, CA


This is the real deal organic, bread and bakery shop where everything is made with love! I came here and picked up a generous slice of Strawberry Lemon cake for $3.50 to brighten up my gloomy summer morning. My tastebuds woke up instantly by the balance of fresh sweet strawberries against the tangy lemon cake. The nice crumbled top added a nice texture to complement the softness of the cake. What’s even more amazing is they use fresh strawberries (P&K farms) and lemons (Rodini farms) from two other vendors right inside the same market! You really cannot get much fresher than that. Besides selling at this farmers’ market and a few others around Santa Clara county, they have a bakery shop open Tuesday-Friday and Saturdays where you can visit and satisfy your sweet tooth craving. And trust me, you won’t regret paying a visit.

Nubo (aka New Bohemia Brewing Co.) located in Pleasure Point, CA


Beer tasting at a farmers’ market?! Before I knew it, I had my mouth open to a plastic cup with beer in one hand. It was a nice surprise to find such an interesting vendor at the Los Gatos Farmers’ Market. I sampled their citrusy Warrior IPA (4.9% ABV), The Green Room lager (6.5% ABV), and Highway to Hefe hefeweizen (4.7% ABV). I ended up buying one can of Highway to Hefe ($10) because the IPA was a bit too citrusy for my liking and the lager was a bit too hoppy for the morning. The guy who sold me this told me this was his favorite, and a “great breakfast beer”. Not sure if I should be drinking in the morning, but hey, that’s an excuse to crack open some beer and enjoy with a good hearty breakfast, right? Now you may think the price is extremely steep, but each can contains 1 quart (32 oz.) which is the pretty close to the amount of buying two beers. Considering the quality of the beer, it’s a good price to try.

Recipe Roundup- Bloody Mary with Heirloom Tomatoes: serves 1

From the market: Mix and match mini heirloom tomatoes from C-farms in Sanger, CA



1 pint ripe, mini heirloom tomatoes + 3-4 additional halved, as garnish

2 oz (4 tbsp) vodka

1 oz (2 tbsp) fresh lime juice

1/2 tsp horseradish root, grated

1 tsp Tabasco

pinch of sea salt and ground black pepper



Place tomatoes in a bag and smash until juices flow out. Pass mixture through strainer, leaving solids out. You will need around 4 oz. fresh tomato juice. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Add vodka , lime juice, horseradish, hot-pepper sauce, salt, and pepper to chilled tomato juice. Stir well, taste, and adjust seasoning. Fill 1/2 glass with ice and pour mixture over ice. Thread halved mini heirloom tomatoes onto skewer and serve.

Visit the market:

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