Palo Alto CA Ave Farmers’ Market

Location: California Ave at El Camino | Hours: Sunday 9am-1pm, year round


Woohoo! I love a LARGE sized farmers’ market. There are so many great vendors here that I couldn’t help but keep sampling and buying all the fresh produce and goodies the vendors here have to offer. The vibrant colors of the fruit and veggies will surely draw you in, but the quality of the produce is what makes this a 5 star / A+ / coming back and taking my friends along kind of market. Being located so close to Downtown Palo Alto, there’s no surprise that this market caters to quite a few Stanford students. Along with the usual family and health junkie crowd, it’s really nice to see others around my age enjoying a day at the farmers’ market.


I’m so bummed I don’t have a recipe for this market because I was leaving the Bay Area the following day and didn’t have time to grab something I could cook with. However, next time I am back, I’ll be sure to add on a recipe to this post. So many ideas in my head already! Instead, I bought some fresh blueberries (pictured below) to munch on. They are definitely a winner. At most farmers’ markets, I usually see blueberries being sold in small pints or quarts. These blueberries, on the other hand, were in a HUGE crate and you can fill a bucket with your own hand picked selection. No more excuses for that one bad fruit anymore.



Visit the market:

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