Laguna Beach Farmers’ Market

Location: 521 Forest Avenue | Hours: Saturday 8 am – 12 pm, year-round



Besides sirens wailing and emergency vehicles screeching around the street corner, the Laguna Beach farmer’s market was quite mellow considering it being central to coastal dining and retail stores. By far my favorite thing about this market is the visibly organic, imperfect produce. When I say “imperfect”, I don’t mean rotten/dirty, but rather that the produce is irregularly shaped unlike what you would find at most grocery stores. I am willing to pay a bit more for my produce at this market because I appreciate that the farmers here have high standards for what they sell and a true intent in nourishing the community from the soil up. Also, food that is not mass produced, sprayed with pesticides, or enhanced with fertilizers makes the biggest difference not only in taste, but nutritional value.



You can count on getting breakfast here too! From savory/sweet crepes to tamales, there’s a little something for everyone. This time of the year, where summer finally comes to an end and fall begins, is one of my favorite seasonal transitions because I’m able to pick out the last bunch of summer stone fruit while getting my hands on the first harvest of fall fruits and vegetables. My favorite fall fruit is the persimmon—a smooth, bold orange exterior enveloping a sweet, crunchy or juicy (depending on the variety) flesh. It’s hard to describe the flavor profile, but the best I would say is that it has honey, date, and cinnamon notes.

Market Highlights:

Grammy’s Granola located in Leucadia, CA

Stock up on fresh baked mini sweet breads and wholesome fruit & nut granolas from Grammy’s! I sampled generous amounts of banana chocolate chip, zucchini, and pumpkin bread as well as the cranberry almond granola. I love that the sweet breads are soft and decadent, yet not overly sweet. The granolas are simple, yet flavorful. Perfect to sprinkle over yogurt or as a crunchy snack to munch on.

SHAKTI located in Laguna Beach, CA


SHAKTI sells sugar free, wholesome energy and snack bars that are loaded with health benefits.Every one of their bars are unique and satisfying. Looking for an immunity booster? Grab a Three Seeds Bar (blend of sesame, chia, and pumpkin seeds). An afternoon pick me up or pre-workout energy boost? Go for the Amaranth bar. My favorite is the rich, chocolately Teff Brownie Bar, which is made of teff flour + cacao and sweetened with dates. Your blood sugar won’t spike AND you won’t have to sacrifice your sweet tooth. Double win! Check them out at your local Orange County Farmer’s Market or online!



Visit the market:

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